Family Dentistry

Aspire Dental has been taking care of families for decades. Family dentistry is all about keeping healthy smiles and preventing problems from occurring. If you’re ready for a family dentist that’s one-of-a-kind, we’re here for you!


As a rule, the ADA (American Dental Association) recommends a routine check-up twice a year. Your check-up with Aspire Dental typically includes a professional cleaning, and a detailed examination from our experienced team.

Dental Exams

The purpose of a dental exam is to review the current state of your mouth and teeth to allow us to see if there are any problem areas or areas we can help you improve to prevent future problems from arising. With proven and new dental technology, we are often able to pinpoint trouble before it happens!

Periodontal Care

Many people overcook the importance of gum care. When thinking of the mouth, your gums play a critical role in its health. Periodontal disease is a result of infection within and around the gums that can eventually lead all the way to the bone. Swollen, bleeding or reddened gums are the most common symptom. This disease is easy to prevent if it is detected early enough and there are procedures to return your gums to a healthy state.

Dentistry for Kids

Taking care of your kids teeth should be at the top of every parent’s list when it comes to a healthy child. And, thankfully, taking care of your kids is something that we excel at (and thoroughly enjoy!) here at Aspire Dental in Laurel, MS. From their first teeth through adolescents and on to adulthood, regular appointments are key in providing healthy smiles for years to come. Also, tooth development challenges are much easier to monitor and correct when children are younger.